Wespo Digiversity On Successful Completion Of The Digital Marketing Course.

Certified Professional in Digital Marketing (CPDM)

Duration : 2 Months
10+ certifications

Certified Professional in Digital Marketing – Advanced (CPDM -Advanced)

Duration :3 Months
15+ Certifications

Weekend batches are available for both CPDM and CPDM- Advanced to cater the requirements of working professionals and Students.

Now Let’s Understand What These Job Roles Are:

Search Engine Optimization is a fascinating role to start with. It encourages fresher to begin their career. This position needs a person with the good hand on various social media and ways of building relationship digitally. A person needs to know various Google Webmaster tools perfectly. Search Engine Optimization manager can earn around three lakhs to four lakhs INR per annum.

The Digital marketing manager is a very interesting job in digital marketing career which requires 5 or more years of experience in the same field with the good amount of projects to prove your capability. This requires a lot of expert knowledge and the number of projects done will determine your capability of becoming a manager. The salary bracket can be expected between 15 to 20 lakhs INR per annum. As a digital marketing manager person should have to lead the digital marketing team

Content marketing manager is a very interesting job where the person is required to have 3 to 5 years of experience and is responsible for marketing the content which includes handling the blog, managing guest blogs, e-book publications, managing emails, sales page copywriting and much more. Content writers who are freelancers report to these managers. They earn somewhere between 10-15 lakhs INR per annum.

This job profile is available in some organizations but not in all. Content Marketing is a strategy in inbound marketing where the position of the manager is to attract the customers by executing the content marketing strategy.

A person can choose his career in email marketing where there need different attributes like writing useful emails, how to design it to attract the customers and using copywriting skills, needs to know the ways to optimize pages and so on. A person can expect around 3 to 4 lakhs INR per annum as an email marketing manager.

Social media marketing is an activity where the content is spread through various social media channels. The content marketer does this part but publishing the same in social media needs expertise and here comes the role of social media marketing expert. Such advertisements are paid, thus needs more precision. This profile needs expertise knowledge in various social media monitoring tools and social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Google plus and much more where new features are being added every day.

Search engine marketing is the most crucial element of digital marketing as everything which works digitally goes through some of the other search engines and Google is the leading search engine thus search engine marketing mostly refers to Google AdWords. In a small organization this role is done by the digital marketing manager, but in case of an essential organizations this task is outsourced and is done by professionals or expertise in search engines. The role of this job is to report under digital marketing manager and bring target leads from the marketing budget given. Fresher with an abundant amount of knowledge can join in smaller companies as compared to bigger ones who need an expert.

Web analytics is a very interesting job profile where a person needs to understand different technologies like URL Structure, JavaScript, HTML, learn to create various databases as well as a good knowledge of MS- Excel. There are four roles in Digital Marketing where you can work from home and earn.

  • Freelancer
  • Marketing Analyst
  • Copywriter
  • Start up your agency


Freelancing refers to working for the client from home on a part-time basis. These are independent service providers who either work for the clients directly or work with the agencies and they are paid according to the time and the volumes they work.

Marketing Analyst

Marketing analyst is required to work with numbers and convert them into various strategies which need an expert knowledge of different procedures.


A copywriter doesn’t work alone; they work in a group of the digital marketing team. This job role requires a person have copywriting skills and helps the search engine marketer to write a better version of the ad copy and post appropriate words on social media channels.

Start Own Agency

f you are not willing to work with someone and desires to work independently, then they can start up their agency where they can hire few set of skilled people who have knowledge in the digital marketing field and have abundant experience in managing people, process and business as a whole. This can create job opportunity as well as the right amount of money for self. Most of the organizations prefer to have an individual contributor as a copywriter who shows excellent skills in copywriting.